My Interview With The Daily Wire

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Yesterday, The Daily Wire published an article featuring their interview with me. Here are some of my words from the article:

“Being fully God and fully man, Jesus lived a perfect and righteous life — then on a cross, He bore our sins and imputed His righteousness unto repentant sinners. Therefore, because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, sinners who believe in Jesus Christ are declared righteous by God. And they will be with Jesus in perfect joy and peace forever in heaven.

Leftism, however, is fundamentally a rejection of what the Bible says about our history and future.

Leftists reject the concept of original sin and they reject the hope of heaven,” said Sey. “They refuse to accept that like Adam and Eve, we all want to be like God. They refuse to accept that God has already come up with a better plan for the future than they can. So they attempt to become like gods to establish their own version of heaven on earth — a utopia, through any evil means necessary.

We know leftism is a lofty ideology raised against the knowledge of God. We recognize leftism is fundamentally a religion that opposes Christianity and its influence on Western civilization. People are discovering the only thing that can save America and Western nations from disaster is also the only thing that can save sinners from the wrath of God: the gospel.

The only answer to leftism’s false religion is the only true religion: Christianity.”

For more of my words from the interview, you can read the full article at The Daily Wire.

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